Exceptional physical protection

In cooperation with the forbis smart patrol system


The ASGPatrol plan includes the protection of assets through guard and patrol services. The patrols are recorded through the FORBIS Advanced Security System, which records the movement of the guard around the clock and renders it on a map. The guarding service acts as a prevention against possible criminal activity, as it consists of non-stop protection of the facility, patrolling, and securing external and internal premises according to the needs of the client. The ASGPatrol plan is recommended for assets with low intricacy. 

System benefits

automatic monitoring of the patrol route with notifications
regular reporting of attendance and tours
optional combination with one of the electronic and camera security systems we offer

FORBIS Advanced Security System

The FORBIS Advanced Security System monitors and records guard patrols using NFC and GPS technology. The guard can use the app to directly summon a strike team and captures video and sound of the intrusion.

Strike team

Our rapid strike teams are immediately deployed in response to automatic queries raised by the electronic system. Strike teams have a precise location of the intrusion, so they are navigated directly to the facility to strike.


Thanks to the mobile app, you have an overview of all the intrusions in your facility. It provides a detailed time record, maps, and photos of the investigation or response in the facility. The app notifies you of any object intrusion.

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