Physical security

As one of our pillars, we provide quality physical security, patrol, and guard services for our clients. We have a response unit, which is a certified and trained strike team capable of dealing with even the most challenging and stressful situations. Our employees have the experience and expertise to perform physical security and possess good communication skills.

Asset physical security

By the deployment of guards and patrollers, our asset security services provide—in addition to the protection of the client's propertythe protection of the client's life and health, the protection of the client's employees and visitors, and the surveillance of movements and assets in the building or other location of the client. As part of this service, the client may choose from a wide range of additional services.

Moreover, thanks to the FORBIS application, the client has an immediate overview of the patrolling activities of the guard service.

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Personal security - bodyguarding

Personal bodyguard services protect the client 24 hours a day during business trips, business negotiations, or other events as needed by the client.

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Strike team

The stream team is a certified and trained unit that regularly participates in physical and marksmanship training.

Our strike team is called immediately during intrusions that may compromise the health or assets of the client.

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Mobile patrol

Building security by the deployment of motor patrol during your absence, vacation, or business trip - at regular or irregular intervals as pre-arranged. The patrol will check for any intrusions and/or inspect the status of equipment and facilities.

We will also be happy to provide a real-time online FORBIS MONITORING system check and customize the solution to your individual requirements.        

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