Miscellaneous services

In addition to asset protection and physical protection services, we also provide a wide range of support and consulting services. Contact us, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Transport service

We provide this service in two variants as:

protection of property and persons during transport

Our company will provide protection during the transport of the client's shipment by armed personnel from the designated place to the destination or provide an armed escort for the client's authorized personnel transporting a shipment.

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Receptionist and information services

The main duties of the receptionist officer include recording of entry and exit of people and vehicles, providing information, handing out keys, greeting and notifying visitors, connecting telephone calls, operating the electronic fire alarm system, receiving mail during working hours, and other tasks according to the needs of the client.

When providing this service, we emphasize our employee's superior communication skills, presentable looks, formal attire, and foreign language skills according to the client's specifications.

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Advice and training

We advise our clients in the field of security services. We will be happy to produce and propose organizational measures for your company to secure your assets taking into account the current situation and drafting suitable measures aimed at protecting your assets at competitive prices.

We regularly organize various training courses for our clients on the topics of the security of assets and persons.

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Asset security analysis

We will produce a security analysis for you for the protection of a specific property or a social or sporting event. The analysis will include the required quality of security and the exposure of your assets to security risks in light of their value. We will then assess the analysis and propose possible forms and variants of protection of your assets and events.

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