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ASGuard security

SmartGuard Technology

SmartGuard is our state-of-the-art software in security systems. Together with the latest technology, static or rotating cameras with HD and 4K resolution, and high-precision sensors, the system can instantly detect intrusions in the building and notify the SOC officer. SmartGuard technology reduces the number of false alarms while providing the highest level of security for all types of buildings and homes.

* Average monthly cost of a security officer who guards a site during working days in a 12-hour shift and continuously during the weekend for one month at an hourly wage of €12.19
** Monthly subscription with the 2-year plan. Technology included.

At ASGuard Security, we understand that technology is an indispensable element in the provision of security services. We are constantly developing new technological solutions to increase the efficiency of the security of our client's assets, minimize the number of false alarms, and reduce their overall costs for the security service.

State-of-the-art technology

Intelligent software immediately detects movement, directs the camera to the location of the intrusion, and immediately alerts the SOC officer

Online access

Thanks to the mobile app, the client has instant access to all live camera footage online at any time

False alarm rate

The system will alert the officer to any intrusion. Thanks to the live CCTV recording, they can immediately assess the severity of the alarm

Flexibility of wiring

We will advise our clients how to combine the different equipment - static/rotating cameras, sensors, and loudspeakers to render the asset security sound and effective

Proactive deterring

With the loudspeakers installed in the building, the officer has the opportunity to directly deter the intruder from further action

It can also be installed on existing equipment

We will also install SmartGuard technology on your existing CCTV equipment

The satisfaction of our clients and the security of their facilities is our priority. We are very pleased that our clients are more satisfied after upgrading their security to our SmartGuard intelligent security system, their monthly costs have been reduced, and their assets are under our constant surveillance. The placement of cameras and sensors and other technological equipment is always designed individually for each site. Of course, all our clients have access to the client application, which provides them with an overview of camera footage, all intrusions in the building, and the actions of our strike team. We do our utmost for the satisfaction of our clients.