Asset surveillance around the clock provided by

direct connection to the cctv room

CCTV room

The CCTV room is a surveillance and recording room fed by information of intrusion from the ESS system. This information is checked by the SOC officer, and if relevant, the officer will summon a strike team to handle the incident. It is connected to the central security console, which allows you can keep an eye on all your assets in one place.

System benefits

continuous guarding of the site by the SOC officers
very fast response time
modern vehicles that communicate with the SOC
zone coding options (day, night, and other)

Certified system

Our CCTV room meets the European standard and accepts all communication systems.

Wide range of available connections

We will be happy to connect your building, company, business, or home to our own SOC via any certified electronic security alarm system.

Technical Compatibility

We enable connection via control panels: Paradox, Jablotron, DSC, Satel, Texecom, and many others.

Many combinations

We offer the connection to the CCTV room in combination with different types of security systems through our subscription plans.

Extended protection

According to the client's requirements, we also provide surveillance of network and voltage outages or failure of backup power supply, and monitor smoke detectors as preventive protection against fire, together with other possible detectors and sensors.

PANIC Button

A panic button is a mobile or static device that is placed at any location and is used by the customer to call the emergency strike team in case of a robbery, accident, fire, or sickness. It serves as a first aid system.